Organic Natural Body Care Tips

Besides supplying organic and natural skin products, we, at Big Green Apple like to keep people informed about the whole organic area. We thought that this was a great way to share our love of natural products and to allow all to find out important information on how to treat their bodies.

See our site and get news and tips on organic beauty products and how to use them.

Our blog covers a huge range of topics, from baby skin care to issues concerning dry hair. We have all suffered from something like dry or poor skin sometime in the past, or at least know someone who has, which makes our blog all the more important.

There you can see the latest gossip and news on which are the best products and what conditions they help with or solve. We don’t just stick to sharing our own news either, we pull in lots of news from the web and other peoples blogs.

One of the big issues is what does organic or natural really mean? We cover this on another page in detail, but here is an excerpt:-

The word "natural" as defined in the Concise Oxford Dictionary means; “existing in, or caused by nature; not artificial; uncultivated; wild existing in natural state; not disguised or altered”. For the word “organic” a fair description is ; "produced and involving production without the use of pesticides, artificial fertilizers or synthetic chemicals."

We hope that all this helps and that when you are ready to purchase you will see that we stock a wide range of organic beauty products from a number of leading natural and organic beauty brands.

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